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Flat Fee Service Packages And Strategy Sessions

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Ready to act? One of our service packages may be for you or we can work on an hourly fee basis.

Strategy Sessions

All services start with a strategy session based on where you are in your business. This is real working time applying legal training and knowledge to your business. Strategy sessions are charged a flat fee.

“Get It Done” Federal Trademark Registration Package

This package is for you, if you are comfortable that you have searched and cleared your own mark. You just want the filing done and monitored correctly to minimize office actions. You need someone who can respond to office actions. You want someone to contact during the process to help you sort out the scam communications from the real trademark office communications.

“From Brand Confusion To Clarity: Your Road Map To A Protected, Strong Brand”

This package is for you, if – in addition to searching and filing marks – you want to know how to use your trademarks so you don’t lose them. This package includes review of all marketing material as well as help identifying all your possible trademark options.

“On-Call” General Counsel Package

This package is for you, if you suspect there are things you should be doing differently, but don’t know the questions to ask, let alone where to find the answers. This package can include on-call access to a lawyer who knows your business, customized forms that are suitable for your business and insights on legal issues you should be planning for.