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Our Dedicated Firm Provides A Variety Of Business Law Resources

We hear a lot about the risks of starting a business. It is true that the right moves upon startup can make a serious impact on the trajectory of your company. But what about a business that is up and running? Like a vehicle, what separates the average company from the well-performing company is routine maintenance and protective services. A seasoned lawyer can help.

Attorney and firm founder Julie Finch has served clients in Minnesota business law for over three decades. Her experience gives her unique insights into how best to approach your company’s legal matters.

Guiding You Through Crucial Steps

From reviewing your first contracts to branding and trademark concerns, Finch Law Office offers a variety of legal services, including those related to:

Good branding practices can give your business the edge it needs. An attentive online social presence can widen your customer base and give you access to immediate feedback for future improvements. In these areas and more, we offer resources to protect your company and help it excel.

Connect With Us For More Information

Attorney Finch understands that every business is different. She personalizes her approach for each of her clients to best meet their needs. For a consultation, call our office in St. Paul at 651-261-8409. You can also schedule an appointment via email.