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When It Comes To A Company Image, A Smart Approach Is Everything

How successful do you plan to be?

If your reputation doesn’t matter, your brand doesn’t matter. But if you see your brand as your reputation then clearing and registering that brand is critical. Don’t wait until you receive a cease and desist letter, or until your competitor adopts a logo similar to yours.  Dealing with the legalities of brand development at that point will cost significantly more, and the result might be that you lose your name.

From Administrative To Promotional, We Can Help

With the Finch Law Office, your brand strategy session starts with a review of your website and your promotional materials. Our firm can help you with:

  • Mark clearances/Name availability
  • State registration
  • Federal registration
  • Responses to office actions
  • Strategy for obtaining protection within budget
  • Proper use of trademarks
  • Portfolio maintenance
  • IP Audits
  • Co-branding and other marketing relationships
  • Domain name disputes